Our Policy

At Cen Global, we are fully committed in ensuring the safety of our entire employees, clients, partners, neighbors and any other parties to our business. We aim at achieving ZERO injuries and ZERO case of work related ill-health.

We also ensure proper management of the environmental aspects of our projects and services so as to minimize possible adverse environmental impact.
We have system in place to effectively manage our occupational Health, Safety and Environment activities in line with international Standards and local regulations, ensuring:

  • Compliance to relevant Health, Safety and Environmental laws and to the development of procedures for the implementation and maintenance of acceptable standards.
  • Continual Improvement in our OHS and Environmental Management Systems, the processes to be reviewed at least annually and progressed to be documented and communicated
  • Proper resource allocations and risk management, ensuring accident
    prevention and good waste management practices
  • Use of sustainable, cleaner and safer technologies in our processes to reduce and prevent accident, pollution and waste generation
  • Communication of this policy to all our employees and ensure adequate Safety and Environmental awareness and trainings are provided

Cen Global strongly believes that meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations is key to the overall success of our business. In this respect, we are fully committed to the provision of quality and cost-effective products and services to all our clients.
To effectively achieve this goal, we have adopted a quality management system based on National and International regulations and standards, covering our products and services and so committed to ensuring:

  • Quality cost reduction, avoiding waste, and improved time of service delivery
  • Continually improve our Quality Management System (QMS), identifying lapses, and taking necessary actions. The process to be reviewed at least annually and to be documented and communicated
  • Competency of all persons, provision of adequate training, and responsibility of every employee clearly stated
  • Identifications of needs of all interested parties, and maintenance of good business partnership relationship
  • Fulfilling client requirements is a top management priority in Cen Global and customer focus attitude is expected of every employee.
  • Total compliance is mandatory for all employees for the success of our business

The organization shall manage all community affairs efficiently with dialogue and sincerity to avoid conflict. We will always identify and prevent operational issues that might affect the health and safety of our staff or community members or environmental degradation of host communities. We shall maintain good relationship with host communities and ensure that any activity that will likely have potential negative impact is communicated with measures put in place to manage associated risks.
This policy statement is communicated to all staff of Cen Global and available for all interested parties.

Our organization is a wholly indigenous company and we are committed to
implementation of the Nigerian Local Content policy by ensuring the hiring and training of Nigerians to enhance the development of local talents and use of Nigerian manpower. Currently, our workforce is 100% Nigerians with the required competency level to execute all our operations. If any specialized skill training is needed to enhance our business operations, training will be organized by a Foreign or Nigerian specialist in the field to help close the identified gap for effective implementation of this policy statement.
The top management of the organization has the responsibility to ensure compliance with this policy statement.


It is the policy of Cen Global that all operational journeys are safely managed as an integral part of the day-to-day activities within a framework of controls by authorized personnel.
For a safe journey management system, we ensure the following:

  • Journey Manager with adequate training and experience is nominated to effectively carry out proper planning of journeys;
  • The driver must hold a valid driver’s license for the class of vehicle driven and must be physically, mentally, and emotionally fit before embarking on any journey;
  • Road journeys are only undertaken where deemed necessary and after any safer journey options have been excluded (e.g. air);
  • No more than 10 hours of driving in a period of 24 hours should be undertaken for light vehicle operation;
  • All journeys must be planned to start not earlier than 06:00 hours and terminate at 18:00 hours. Night driving will only be undertaken if it is absolutely necessary.
  • Drivers must not exceed the speed limit or safe driving speed.
  • Seat belts, Alcohol, and Drug policies are strictly enforced.
  • Unauthorized passengers are not allowed into company vehicles.
  • All vehicle should be inspected prior to commencement of journey;
  • If the vehicle to be used is unsafe, a safe vehicle is to be made available and if not possible, that journey is suspended.