Human Resources management is an important function in every company. Without effective HR planning, a company runs the risk of not attaining its business objective.

While small businesses carry out their HR functions by themselves, medium and big-sized companies most often employ the services of in-house HR personnel to coordinate their day-to-day HR activities while outsourcing the more time-consuming HR functions to licensed HR firms or agencies.

If you are wondering if you should outsource some of your HR functions to HR firms or agencies to handle, then you may need to read this .

With many HR firms or agencies competing for the attention of companies, selecting one to handle a specific HR function for your company can be a challenging task. So, how do you determine which HR firm or agency will best serve your HR need?

You may consider the following factors when choosing an HR firm.

1. Experience

When choosing an HR firm or agency to outsource your HR functions, you should consider the experience of the firm or agency. An experienced HR firm knows how to avoid the usual pitfalls when carrying out HR functions because they have done it over and over. Choose an HR firm that has a strong track record of success in HR services and has a niche experience in your industry.

2. Area of Expertise

Human Resources Management has several parts that require a high level of proficiency. It is almost impossible to find an HR firm or agency that has expertise in all aspects of HR services. Choose a firm whose expertise best suits your need.

3. Licensed or Not

When outsourcing to an HR firm or agency, you may need to check if the firm is licensed to carry out the HR services you are interested in. HR firms or agencies must be licensed by the Federal Ministry of Labour & Productivity to be able to carry out some HR services like personnel recruitment & personnel outsourcing. To be able to carry out HR services in the oil & gas industry, an HR must be licensed by the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC). Other licensing bodies in Nigeria include Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX), Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB).

4. Affordability

For small-sized, medium-sized, and even large companies, price is a determining factor when outsourcing to an HR firm or agency. Endeavour to look out for an HR firm or agency whose pricing is within your budget. Also, look out for an agency that offers specifically tailored service that meets your HR need instead of a bundle package you may not need. This is one way can reduce the cost of HR services.


In summary, knowing and clarifying your HR needs is very important to determine the right HR firm or agency that suits your need. At Cen Global, we are licensed, experienced, and affordable. We offer services that are tailored to meet your company’s specific HR needs.